In the Beginning …

So I am reading some articles from Dr. Dobbs Journal tonight (April 3rd) and decided 140 characters on Twitter @fshtank  just wasn’t enough to share the URLs of three cool articles.  Three Geek posts – all flowing to Facebook – would make certain peoples’ eyes glaze over like donut frosting.

We all know that Facebook is general smattering about nothing (most of the time) that casual users are learning to ignore.  At least that’s becoming my experience the busier I am staying.

My Twitter @fshtank account – while fun to post – is quite schizophrenic in nature, ranging from a quick daily observation, retweeting someone else’s deep thought, or sharing my heart’s thoughts concerning God or technology.  It also includes frequent pictures of my 2 year old playing at the park for the Grandparents to see.

This is more directed. More purposeful. It is Geek Speak.

How often will I post? Time will tell. Time has been rather limited given I have a 2 year old, a 17 year old, a 29 year old wife (you’re welcome Princess!), a 45-60 hour a week job, 2 hours of commute daily and just enough time on the weekends to mow the lawn, hopefully catch a Saturday Frisbee game with a crew from church and singing with the kids at church on Sundays.  NFL Football Sundays.  I’m lost to the TV (Go Niners!)

Given I am a professional in the Technology realm, I have thoughts within that domain and would like to share from time to time. So: WordPress, here I am.  May the Geek “speak.”


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