Social Software Engineering (Blogs I find Useful)

I read a blog entry the other day, originally posted in February, on being a social coder – ie. don’t be a ghost in the developer community.

The author made some interesting points (which I will not summarize here – read the article for yourself.)

I have recently (better late than never) come refine these convictions in my own life.  I need to leave a paper trBail of where I’ve been in this career – evidence of where I’ve been, and my thoughts on those subjects.  This this blog itself is one of the results.

The author did make one point about asking or answering questions on LinkedIn or StackOverflow to which I would like to respond.

  • Unless you are all over the place asking/answering a variety of questions in a variety of areas – a highly visible member of StackOverflow/LinkedIn – this would not necessarily suffice as a decent “visible” trail of your capabilities or knowledge.
  • Asking questions and getting feedback is worth the effort
    • There are times I cannot mentally overcome the hurdle – typing a coherent question is less efficient than continuing to bang on my problem.
    • potential responses is a much larger payoff – and time savings – or not (sometimes no one responds, which sucks – but that’s life)
  • Answering questions is more as a way to refine your abilities/knowledge in your own domain.
    It is actively honing your craft, as you receive and provide feedback.


Blogs I find Useful

So with that, a friend recently asked what are some blogs that I frequent and here is a list that I find very useful.
If there are some YOU find beneficial, please leave them in the comments.
I would love to check them out.  Reading useful information can only be beneficial.





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