Reactive Programming

In technology, There is always something new lurking out there for us to learn or understand.  Perusing LinkedIn today I came across Part II of a Reactive Programming series of blogs:

In short, reactive is likened to spreadsheet cell behavior.  Given a cell [say X1] with a value, and other cells have displays or calculations based on X1’s value.  When X1’s value changes, all referring cells will update accordingly.   Given the good information to the above blog, I direct the reader there for the fuller picture.

  1. Netflix has a framework built around this known as RxJava
  2. Spring 5.0 is coming with this as a feature, coined “Reactive Spring” 
  3. Java 9 will have reactive capabilities
  4. C# has had this capability for a number of years (I’ve seen articles going back to 2009 on this Topic in .Net)

Much like the Lambda hype a couple years ago, this is something with a lot of mind space and chatter around it.

As developers we will do well to keep an eye on this trend to see where it goes.

13 Java Decks Devs ‘Need to Read’

So I get a LOT of Development-related push content in my inbox.  I sift through a fair amount of it. 

I am simply ear-marking this link for reading sometime later after this post.

13 Decks Java Developers Must See to Stay Updated

A one stop shop of all the slide decks you need to be checking out as a Java dev.

by Henn Idan · Jun. 10, 16 · Java Zone

I will share my thoughts on the truth of that header as I read them.

If YOU a reader happen to catch this post and read the decks, I would appreciate comments left of your thoughts.

– Fshtank