Reactive Programming

In technology, There is always something new lurking out there for us to learn or understand.  Perusing LinkedIn today I came across Part II of a Reactive Programming series of blogs:

In short, reactive is likened to spreadsheet cell behavior.  Given a cell [say X1] with a value, and other cells have displays or calculations based on X1’s value.  When X1’s value changes, all referring cells will update accordingly.   Given the good information to the above blog, I direct the reader there for the fuller picture.

  1. Netflix has a framework built around this known as RxJava
  2. Spring 5.0 is coming with this as a feature, coined “Reactive Spring” 
  3. Java 9 will have reactive capabilities
  4. C# has had this capability for a number of years (I’ve seen articles going back to 2009 on this Topic in .Net)

Much like the Lambda hype a couple years ago, this is something with a lot of mind space and chatter around it.

As developers we will do well to keep an eye on this trend to see where it goes.


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