Oracle Charging for Java SE Starting in 2017?

I get DZone push content sent to my inbox everyday, as a one stop shop to keep up with Java-World news. Today’s blog list had this interesting heading:

The Sky Is Falling: Oracle (Might) Want Your Money for Java SE in 2017

The Rub of the article is :

Oracle spinning up their License Management Services (LMS) division focused on “chasing down people for payment.”

[UPDATE 2016-12-23]: A blog published in response to any concerns or outrage: Being Wary Does Not Hurt Java
I look at software like music or movies. That group full-on tried to put the up and coming players in a digital purgatory box: Apple iTunes, Real Networks now-defunct Rhapsody, Amazon, Microsoft, now-defunct Tower Records.
The DRM Promoters were were afraid of copy-right infringement, and frankly they are right. This is how the artists get paid.
The same is true of software. My time invested in a product should reflect a reasonable return. I have misgivings about Oracle, but they have a right to seek payment for reasonable use.
Before you think I’ve lost my mind, the blog makes my point – the licensing will probably go after those running embedded Java without paying for it – like Cash Registers. Those of us doing software development will probably run as we always do: download and run so we can make software that can be sold … and ha-ha, Oracle can grab their cut.

There are options:

  • Open JDK – this has the newest development that will go into the upcoming SE-JDK
  • Purchase a license of IntelliJ: my most recent personal license was $89USD for 2 years, and it is a quality tool
  • Shift gears to another language, like, oh, C# (Microsoft is starting to open up a bit), C++, Javascript on Node.JS
My non-prophetic prediction: Anyone getting charged to run SE will be for a product in production, not for those doing development of said tools – which makes Oracle money :). Oracle is on the board of Eclipse (Free OSS), they still have an interest in NetBeans even after shifting it over to Apache – Oracle has tools they sell/provide based on NetBeans.
We, the developers, are the people that make Java a viable tool in the wild. They will take care with this community.

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