Microsoft foundational to most software in use today

This blog post has an interesting view – and more accurate than we normally accept – that Microsoft is the foundation of a mass majority of software we use today.  Windows, Office, “Firefox”, “Chrome”, etc.

This is an easy read and will open your mind to the possibilities. 


Points to Keep in Mind when hiring a programmer

Every now and then articles are posted how to interview a programmer.  We even had this very discussion at my shop last week.

The last round of interviews in which I was involved, our guidelines were to follow a program of:

  1. Ask some pre-interview company specific questions
  2. Follow a pre-canned program with specific questions (program name withheld)

The program name would be excellent for hiring basically non-technical positions: Customer Service reps, call center agents, etc.  They give you a well rounded idea of this individuals character.

The company specific questions helped us deep-dive (as much as you can in a 3-part interview process) into the individuals professional history, asking basic questions of best and worst experiences. 

  •  NOTE: anyone saying they did not have a quickly expressing they didn’t have a “worst” experience is a red-flag.  This is an imperfect world, with imperfect people, and imperfect systems. Something on a year-over-year basis usually deploys/executes less than nominal.

My personal practice: use the Pre-Interview questions to get a background feel, then use one a couple of the canned questions (sought by the head-hunters) to get thought process/patterns, and spend the majority of time asking technical questions to demonstrate competency in our area.

This is the main point (straight out of the opening paragraph):

Evaluating a programmer’s level of expertise is one of the hardest things in the hiring process. We are talking about actual programming experience, not theory. We are not taking a theoretical approach here because one can read the theory on any topic and master it. 

@DZone: Points To Be Kept in mind while hiring a programmer

A chuckle for myself, I had to lookup this point:

But the point is made, and is a good one.