Self-Taught IT?

I love the premise of this article: Just because you are a Self-Taught Developer/IT Guy doesn’t make you any less authentic in your field than someone with a BS or an MS.

Planning vs. Acting is procrastination.  Just go after it.

via @DZone: 

With the high cost and low quality of College courses these days, it has surpassed the threshold of not being with the value it once offered.


Java 8 Optional

My shop is considering development paths and frameworks.

One Framework path I am evaluating is a homegrown library, small and specific in nature, built on top of Google Guava.

Here is a quick GitHub writeup explaining the issue around null, and how the Guava framework developers avoid it:

Reading my DZone blogs today the top article was this very topic, demonstrating the use (in code) of ‘Optional’, which has made it’s way into the Java 8 VM.

And beware of those NULLs!



IntelliJ, Java 8 Refactoring, and Lambda/Stream Performance

My Twitter feed served up this delicious blog:

IntelliJ IDEA Inspection Settings for Java 8 Refactoring

My shop is using IntelliJ and we are converting our Java 6 projects (Inherited from an outsourced vendor 2 years ago) to run on Java 8.  Jetbrains built in some great IDE functionality every developer needs to check-out.

That also generated this question to mind: what about performance?  Lambdas and the Stream API make the code oh-so awesome to read, but is it efficient compared to verbose Java?  I found this nifty blog:

Benchmark: How Misusing Streams Can Make Your Code 5 Times Slower

Benchmarks tend to be pretty treacherous and it’s super hard to get it right.

… it showed {Lambdas and Stream API } … can be around 5 times worse {performance}

The operative words here are “misusing” and “can be” … 

Happy Coding

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