Should a Scrum Master Be Technical? – DZone Agile

This article offers some good topic exploration whether a Scrum Master Should be technical or not.


20 Essential Software Development Books to Read – @DZone

I love articles where some author comes up with a definitive list of must-read books according to them.

It’s missing a couple books according me:

  • Clean Code
  • Clean Coder.

But 20 books should keep you busy. Especially the Art of Computer Programming (Brain fry)

Elegant Objects Review

I enjoy reading books about programming.

This blog author reviewed "Elegant Objects, Vol. 1" by Yegor Bugayenko.

Blog Title "Lobotomize Your OO Thinking".

The Equivalent to this book would be "Clean Code" and "Clean Coder".

The Author hinted this book resides along both of those titles, which I too also found helpful.

Now I am looking forward to reading this book (and its sister book, Vol 2).