Embracing Machine Learning

Reading my inbox this morning I came across this blog on Machine Learning. It was a push to use a product BigML (author claims he went to Prod in 3 days) vs. standing up a home-grown-ish solution using Open Source tool.

I admittedly have not invested many brain cycles on Machine Learning but this was interesting read for it’s use-case application.

Article via @DZone

Embracing Machine Learning: How to Get 2 Steps Ahead of Everyone Else

Self-Taught IT?

I love the premise of this article: Just because you are a Self-Taught Developer/IT Guy doesn’t make you any less authentic in your field than someone with a BS or an MS.

Planning vs. Acting is procrastination.  Just go after it.

via @DZone: https://dzone.com/articles/do-you-have-self-taught-imposter-syndrome?edition=304154&utm_source=Daily%20Digest&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=dd%202017-06-09 

With the high cost and low quality of College courses these days, it has surpassed the threshold of not being with the value it once offered.